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My Services

I am an Intuitive Certified Massage Practitioner offering services to my clients in the environment of their choice. Whether you want a relaxing massage studio in Center City, Philadelphia, or in the comfort of your own home, I am available to fill your need.

I am also available for chair massage at workplace retreats and special events.

My Story

I started out in bodywork getting Reiki sessions from a friend’s friend. After the third session, he told me, “instead of payment, why don’t you give me a session?” I was stunned and honored at the same time. He said I had amazing energy, so I gave him a “session” per his instructions. I saw things I didn’t understand. He was the first knock on my door. A few years later, I heard over the radio, while I was getting my teeth cleaned, a commercial for a school of massage. “How odd,” I remembered. (the knock was a little louder) Later that same day at work, one of my co-workers asked me to massage her shoulders. She remarked how wonderful I was, and told me I should pursue a career in it. The door knocked even louder. I then met my “one true love” who virtually told me the same thing and encouraged me to go after it. I had to answer the call this time. And I am happy I did ever since.

I started off curious, intrigued, optimistic, but never doubtful. I never hesitated after I learned the tools needed to correctly give a gentle warming massage. In fact, I spent the next few years looking for other modalities not taught at school to further enhance my energy techniques. I want to help people realize what wonderful energy they have. I hope they have an experience beyond their expectation of just touching and relaxing. A person needs to be aware that their habits and even vocabulary affect their equilibrium. Homeostasis is a state we all wish to be in. With my ability to tap into visual fields from the past, present, or future, I believe I can concentrate on positive events. Relaying those positive events to the client helps me learn about where the stress and tension can lie. As all pain is not physical, not all energy is emotional. To release these webbed thoughts, one must be able to breathe deeply.

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